Virus Information

It has come to my attention that some e-mails containing pornography, spam or even viruses are circulating with "" or "" in the "From:" line of the e-mail.

The apparent sender ( or is NOT the actual sender. Some viruses, like the Klez virus and the Bugbear virus, randomly select a name from the infected computer's email address list, and insert that name in the "Sender" or "From" line. So you don't really know who sent it.

I want to assure anyone who received a suspicious e-mail from, that I did not send it. My computer is protected by antivirus software, so my e-mails are "clean."

My e-mail address is "," so if I do send you an e-mail (normally in response to one you sent me), "" (or possibly just "Gisbourne") will appear in the "From" line, not "" Please delete anything you receive from "" If I send an e-mail to someone who doesn't know me, there will be some mention of Basil Rathbone (or a film/play) in the subject line.  If you have received an e-mail from that has a strange subject line ("Happy Allhallowmass" for example) and an attachment, then delete it. It is not from me. I do not use my e-mail for any illegal purposes, or any correspondence not related to this website in some way.



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